Nothing awakens your mood in the morning like a cup of "espresso" considerable. Even if you're making Tmlkin Sbrso device you can still learn the best cup of espresso preparation. It is not enough that Temtlki good coffee preparation device to become a good your coffee
And better prepare espresso are his family, and the National Association of Italian Espresso issued the correct recipe and ingredients to prepare the best cup of Italian coffee concentrates

How do you choose your coffee
Choose your favorite type of coffee is roasted, but the best coffee for espresso is the Brazilian scorched. Add the chocolate or caramel flavor that I love the coffee flavoring. Remember that coffee with a good kind of history will be written by roasting Tahmassaha that is not directly in front of you. It is important not to be passed on roasted more than 11 days. Of course, you must tell the seller that Atahnha to prepare Hasbro

Right temperature
When choosing a coffee machines The best device that contains a pointer to the temperatures, and the best temperature to prepare Sbrso ranging from 92 to 96 degrees
To set the amount of espresso intensive "Double Sprso" As you drink in restaurants, it is imperative that Takhtari 14 grams of coffee, which are equivalent to two tablespoons of coffee. It is enough for 30 millimeters from any coffee cup. This amount and the need for half a minute in the machine
You can always be edited according to your mood strengthen coffee roasted upwards or endure more. Or also mitigate, or add a certain flavor to change
Remember that water is an important factor in the coffee, it must boil before and let go until lukewarm, then you place again for the preparation of coffee
Also do not forget to clean the coffee machine is very important because the coffee machine with time makes oils accumulate as well as lime water. This affects the taste. Therefore it is necessary to regulate the filter once a week
Every time you want to open your coffee hot water preparation to pass through the filter before they infect your coffee

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