Start a local or buy it with as little capital as possible: a guide super economic between bureaucracy, required equipment, trendy furnishings and tips 

Hinge Coffee I times are bleak, and unfortunately Italy has to deal (it must be said) with almost empty wallets. Entrepreneurs of our country, young people and others, must strive to realize their ideas with less capital possible. Someone then said that to achieve when there is plenty of media is too easy, there is no taste; but it is out of necessity or challenge, you can start a club, a bar or restaurant, no money, or at least, trying to keep my feet on the ground, how much money you need to open a bar

In this post we will try to follow the steps to understand what it takes to open a place with the lowest figures possible; we will, as always, starting with two options: to buy a place that already exists or build one from scratch


We begin our journey with the set up our company, which is a company or a sole proprietorship. To simplify this part we used the table you see the side, comes from the hand of our blog "Open and manage a bar." As we see from the table the costs vary from 178 € to 295 €, and also including the first year of operation vary from 530 (for a cooperative) to 3000 €. In this paper work then we will understand the purchase of a tax recorder (case) which can cost from 150 to 400 € (Ebay prices


The real cost problem comes when we have to do the work in our bar, because if we will have about setting up and furnishing your hands free, so it will not be for what concerns the hygienic / sanitary part (here a post that is thoroughly) , which in recent years has been burdened with very strict rules and involve substantial investments, such as service areas, locker rooms, dressing with water points, adequate number of bathrooms (see post here), structuring of cuisines and preparation areas and so on ... costs can vary greatly depending on the square meters and it is prepared, but we could hardly do less than 4/7000 €. Depending on what you prepare, we said, because, as we saw in this post, the new regulations for our local will need different requirements depending on what prepares: if you want to cook the starters and main dishes will need investments massifs, from chimneys, if you opt instead to prepare sandwiches and cold dishes need much less (but at least they say the ASL as seen in this post) and, again, if only to make coffee and soft drinks (and maybe machines and fridges are on loan) does not spend virtually nothing, and for the food? All packed

I realize that this may not be the ideal place, what can you do otherwise? One solution would be to locate a local with an old license, if you do not make structural changes we will not need to make investments to bring it back to normal; certainly it has to detect it for long, because the play makes sense; in our course of a full immersion day on how to open a bar and a local look, with some practical examples, what are the parameters for the purchase of a bar

We are the fun part, the furniture. Funny, because you nice local, beautiful and can build even sensational starting from very limited budget, and our readers will remember this interview or other post like this, with low budget ideas from around the world, Be careful though in refrigerated counters and display cases 

economic structure, but not super economic, they are also kiosks, street vendors or bars, cheap yes, indeed, but not too much, because the hygiene regulations (they always!) lead to increase a lot the costs of these facilities also have a look ... however, in this post and maybe even those dedicated to the new phenomenon, with this post on how to open a street food.

Two other considerations

 if the problem is precisely the minimalism capital, hundreds of Euros, we must also calculate the initial supplies, coffee, sandwiches, chips, liquor store, and minimum consolation equipment starting, This "initial stock" often exceeds one thousand euro

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  1. many nuances, I would never have thought that you need to be a professional for transportation, storage, use of various containers, preparation in open or closed containers, the material that is necessary for use with a contact from coffee ... Very interesting!


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