• Sunday, 27 October 2019

    Coffee equipment for italian style

    Today we dont talk about coffee like everytime but we will talk about project and equipment thats is really working good in 
     italy,EuroProject is good project for who are looking for Technologies of the Made In Italy.

    what is projectEuroProject
    They Projest a good Blenders that you can use it in your coffe Shop or Bar evern in your Home,
    with the technogies of EuroProject they make a New Double Blender for sure that Blender is can help fast who own Coffee Shop or bar that you can do 2 kind of justice in one time and fast,
    and i will leave you all info Here.

    Best Italian Ice Flaker
    what can do The Ice Flaker is offers longer lasting Carbbean style flaked ice it's ideal for perparing cocktaills for your coffe shop,
    what is good in the italian Flakers
    i think its the best becouse it's mage in stainless steel and plastis in the same time and has motor with protact system.
    what the price of Italian Ice Flaker
    it will cost you 810.00 Euro but if you use these code you have 3%

    Italian multiple units machines
    its the best for me becouse its provides Flake/Chipice for drinks, or for vold storage, good for decortion of special food.
    Price of units machines in italy
    you can get the best one from EuroProject start from 795.00Euro to 1.760.00 Euro, But if you use these code you will get 3% discount 

    Is really Citrus juicers can use for Coffee Shop
    Yes for sure you can use with good price even about 330 euro but you will find it manual for 330Euro or Automatice for 540.00 Euro with the sìCode 10% for you.
    if you like to have look for the equipment just click HERE