• Thursday, 2 February 2017

    Turkish Coffee way work coffee Turkish action pictures

    Coffee is the drink is widespread among many different groups of people, Fraihh coffee alone is very Zakia smell revive the mind, and I have known coffee ancient and spread the coffee trade between many countries of the world, and the Arabs have known coffee drink and the most famous Arabic coffee gentlemen that made specially Dalal reservation hot coffee, which offers in all social events or at any time we want
    A glass of water
    Small tablespoons of Turkish coffee

    Sugar to taste
    Bakrj bring coffee, and we put the water and sugar, stirring well, and we put it on the fire until the water boils and bubbles disappear
    Bakrj raise from the fire and add the amount of coffee, stirring well
    On the backburner Langley coffee gluten, but we are keen to stay foam layer in the form of coffee, this foam is the delicious taste of Turkish coffee

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