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    What Are Some of the Best Types of Coffee in the World? The best types of coffee

    Espresso is one of the types of coffee, a drink of coffee, black, center. It contains espresso drink a little bit of boiling water with a lot of coffee beans ground where it is squeezed in the espresso machine under very high pressure. The best types of coffee espresso textures are thick and have a foam with a brown color tends to be golden on the surface. And it offers espresso coffee in a small cup
    How to deal with espresso
    It is drinking espresso as is or a small spoon of sugar. Few and quantity of which means that it too concentrated. This means that preferably taken in the morning or afternoon
    Espresso coffee types
    Espresso macchiato. Espresso added bit of steamed milk
    Espresso Panna universe. It is espresso with added whipped cream
    Cappuccino is the most popular types of coffee at all and the most intensive in the world. It contains drink cappuccino coffee espresso with hot milk and milk foam and so equal parts. Cappuccino and drink his brown The degree of brown color on the amount of milk added to Algahohotkdm usually in large Vngyn. And sometimes it serves cappuccino with small pieces of candy or cookies such as Albrauni

    How to deal with coffee cappuccino
    Eating cappuccino with sugar or with a small candy pieces like cookies. And it can be taken the least amount of milk or more than the amount of milk as you want. And it can be taken in the morning or during the day, or even with dinner 
    Types of coffee cappuccino
    Normal cappuccino. It contains 3 equal portions of espresso and hot milk and foam
    Kiaro cappuccino. A coffee contains the largest amount of milk
    Schoro cappuccino. A coffee contains the largest amount of espresso coffee
    High-foam cappuccino. A type of cappuccino, which contains the largest amount of foam
    Wet Cappuccino. A coffee containing the largest amount of milk more than foam
    Cappuccino flavors. A cappuccino laced with some flavors like hazelnut or vanilla or caramel

    American coffee or cafe American espresso is added to the hot water through the drip. It has a different taste a little bit about espresso coffee. It is said to be called by that name due to World War II, where he was American soldiers in Italy are doing to ease the coffee espresso with hot water, where this name was ridiculous what they are doing

    How to deal with the American coffee
    America can drink coffee by adding a little milk to it or add sugar. Depending on the taste you like. Preferably the American coffee in the morning or the day
    US coffee types
    US **************** iced coffee. Where they are manufactured ice-cold water instead of hot water
    Lungu. The coffee Alloonju American work espresso to add to the water to give a larger amount but have a taste more bitter
    Café Crema. Espresso coffee is an age more than Alloonju

    Red eye. It is manufactured by drip coffee rather than boiling water. And a taste sharper

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    1. I have not been taught to drink coffee since childhood, so I try to do without it.